Saturday, September 30, 2006

Healthy Living

The Vedic Sanskriti is fully capable of bringing about the over-all good of the mankind...

Our Pujya Gurudev, along with our spiritual upliftment, also guides us how to live a healthy life ....

Take a peep into our Bapuji' s Amrit Kalash....

We should not keep our head towards west or north while sleeping.

- We should always cover our ears and head while going to toilet.

- We should never drink water while standing.

- We should comb our hair after meal to avoid headache in future.

- We should have Sri Ganeshji's picture at our door and do namaskaram before getting out of the house.

- If we happen to see any dead animal or something like that, we should immediately look at Sun, Moon or Gurudev's picture.

.....more drops of nectar coming soon !!!


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