Saturday, September 30, 2006

Prime Minister of India in the Service of the Param Pujya Sant Asaramji Bapu

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Atal Bihari Vajpayee's feelings for Pujya Bapuji...

Bapuji blessings Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee
"My dear fellow congregation
members, Click here to read the Hindi Version...

I have come here to assimilate the teachings of respected Shri. Asaramji
Bapu. I was eager to meet him. I first met him in Panipat. You get an
opportunity to meet and converse with a saint only when you have done
some good and virtuous deeds.

I cannot recollect the good deeds that I have done in this life-time
therefore my meeting with Bapuji must be the result of virtues collected
over the past lives. Whatever Bapuji said has been imprinted on my

Bapuji is spreading the gospel of equality of religions, discrimination
between sin and virtue by personally visiting different corners of the
country. We had forgotten our past pristine glory, the greatness of our
culture and scriptures. Bapuji is opening our eyes and making us aware
all over again.

Bapuji commented that we should examine in detail the experiences and
incidences that we come across due to God's grace. He recommended taking
out a little time from the routine activities to attend congregations
(Satsang). I was very eager to meet Bapuji when he was in Ujjain but it
was not to be. May be it was not the opportune time. Today, the
opportune time has arrived.

This happens to be my backyard and locality. Bapuji has advised me on
how to contest the election and be successful. Today, our country is
passing through adverse times and listening to Bapuji provides me
strength and courage.

It is Bapuji's grace that I have been elevated and have been asked to
address you today. He has elevated me in life and it will be he who will
worry about how I retain that position.

By virtue of being a Lok Sabha member from here, I on behalf of the
general population and myself, want to bow in gratitude and humility to
Bapuji. I hope that we continue to receive his blessings which will give
us the courage and strength to proceed with determination on our
designated path."

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